Why customer relationship marketing is vital for business

By Michael Gullan, Co-founder and Managing Director of G&G Digital

The average person is bombarded by 5000 or more advertising messages every day, which is why it has become important for brands and businesses to focus on personalised, highly targeted communications that talks to individuals and not target audiences.

At G&G we’re seeing a need for more Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) and proactive communications in the B2B, B2C and B2B2C space.

People (not target markets) want to know their brand understands them and notice it when their brands talk to them, not at them.

CRM is essential for improving customer satisfaction and to build relationships which is better done by the following,

  • Analysing data and insights to understand customers and potential customers
  • Dramatically improve communications
  • Hyper-individualisation so customers feel valued and appreciated because their brand understand them
  • Learn more about who your consumers are and what they want, making it much easier to communicate with them on a more personal and direct manner.

CRM is vital as consumers continue to embrace digital and new technologies. Consumers are very decisive and selective when it comes to the content they consume and the purchases they make online.

Here are four reasons why you should make CRM an important part of your marketing strategy.

  1. Target the right user at the right time
    Personalised, rich and useful content will not only improve customer experience but also assist in turning the user into a paying customer, and for better taking care of your customers. A happy and satisfied customer is more likely to continue to trust you AND recommend you to others.
  2. Retain customers
    Use the information customers provide and their behaviour to predict their next interaction with your brand. CRM can do this and when applied correctly encourages customer loyalty and builds long-term relationships.
  3. Use data to your advantage
    CRM is data rich and using that data, marketing professionals and their agencies can understand how customers and potential customers interact. These reports indicate what works efficiently and what elements need improvement. Knowing this and making the necessary optimisations will make the customer experience with your brand more enjoyable.
  4. Use education and information to your advantage
    CRM and online learning programmes are an excellent tool for B2B and B2B2C brands who can inform, convince and create strong advocates for your brand.

With so much content marketing out there, you can make your brand breakthrough with more optimised, targeted customer relationship marketing, by ensuring your customers and potential customers value their experience when interacting with your brand. With CRM you can nurture valued experiences, nurture relationships with your brand and create brand advocates. The result? Happy and satisfied customers who return to your brand for the long term. After all the cost of acquiring a customer is usually so much more than keeping on.



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