What’s big in digital this year?

By Desiree Gullan, Executive Creative Director, G&G Digital

The prevailing sentiment as we forge ahead into 2017 is the relief at seeing the back of 2016. Nowhere else were the history-making (and, at times, absurd) moments of 2016 more amplified than in the digital space. News platforms were cluttered with stories, Twitter ablaze with debate, Facebook continued to break news. And Instagram was the emotional reflection of it all.

As cut-backs continue to dominate, how should digital marketers assign precious marketing budgets this year? Here’s what should be on your radar.

Get rich
Information delivered in rich media formats increased in popularity in 2016. This trend will boom in 2017 and the digital space will be inundated with video content, infographics and interactive storytelling. The caveat is that users are no longer charmed or shocked by a change in medium – the subject matter has to be more provocative, insightful, humorous and thrilling than ever before.

Numbers game
It’s no secret budgets are being cut across the globe – from cosmetics to cars – which makes it crucial to be able to prove ROI. Marketing automation is a smart solution. Astute marketers and brands want to know who they’re speaking to and how to strike while the keyboard is hot – marketing automation gives them this power. Still new to the marketing automation revolution? Read more here.

Big talk
Consumers are demanding one-on-one, conversational experiences online which has led to the birth of chatbots. Conversations are taking over because users want – and expect – to have someone to talk to any time of day to solve their unique problem. It speaks to instant gratification and the never-ending knowledge abyss.

The rise of real
Content marketing continues to dominate digital marketing techniques, however, it’s not without its evolutions. Users want authentic digital content. That doesn’t mean it has to be heart-wrenching, it just means it has to be real. It has to reflect the target audience, speak their language and share real narratives.

The year past was wild and weird. With any luck, 2017 will be the same. Buckle up and get ready for the ride.

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