What is advocacy?

By Michael Gullan

The 2020 pandemic continues to disrupt industries and businesses while having a significant impact on world economies.

As business leaders shift their focus to a new way of working, they’re also looking at the continuity of their organisations and embracing new methods to upskill their workforce and create brand advocates.

Online learning and training is an effective way to upskill all stakeholders. G&G Advocacy takes eLearning to another level as it intersects eLearning, incentives and loyalty.

Content Capsules™
Content Capsules™ help learners better understand and engage with content. They’re bite-sized learning moments, presented through short and long-form articles, quizzes, audio, video, polls, gamification, and so much more. This helps users retain information and increase their knowledge.

Watch this video by Michael Gullan, Co-founder and Managing Director of G&G Advocacy.

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