We’ve got a thing for WordPress

Originally created as a blogging platform eleven years ago, WordPress now hosts around 23% of the top ten million websites in the world, and it’s easy to see why.

The open source software is constantly transforming to allow developers (and average joes) to craft interactive and engaging websites. WordPress represents the evolution of the website as we know it, and allows digital experts (like us) to push boundaries when building websites.

By virtue of the fact that WordPress was created for the everyblogger, there’s a preconception that it’s simply a template-based platform that requires little or no development and creative process. This simply isn’t true. The growth of the programming language behind WordPress has made it infinitely flexible, with no limit on the design, behaviour or functionality.

Here’s why we use WordPress to make your brand’s website breakthrough:

  1. Accessibility and fluidity

The freedom to upload content from anywhere in the world, anytime, is what makes WordPress such an enamouring platform on which to build a website. Using WordPress means we can manage timely uploads of news updates or new, topical information with complete seamlessness, so your website remains relevant.

  1. Integration with social media and SEO

WordPress is constantly being edited and fine-tuned to integrate social media channels. Social icons can be stylishly incorporated into the design the website, and there’s a myriad plugins available to ensure your website’s content is easily shareable. Facebook and Twitter posts can be automatically shared from WordPress itself, cross-linking new and relevant content on your website to connect with your brand’s followers in real time.

WordPress was built with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind from the start. We use WordPress as a powerful partner to customise pages and posts for SEO purposes which in turn makes your content more discoverable and keeps your website at the top of a Google search.

  1. Made for audio and video

These days, it’s not enough for some brands to simply populate their website with stunning visuals – they need to keep viewers enticed with video and audio content too. If you want to use branded multimedia as a content marketing tool, WordPress is the best way to ensure it plays easily and is hosted safely. Curated content can also be embedded into your WordPress site, adding depth to any page.

  1. Syndication made simple

As a digital marketing agency, we know email marketing and newsletters are invaluable tools to get return visits to your websites and enamour people to your brand. WordPress makes syndication of this content easier than ever before, and even allows for automated email newsletters to be generated in custom templates when new content is uploaded to the site.

  1. Fresh designs

Although WordPress is template-based, we use premium (paid for) templates that are completely customisable, with no limits on original design or creativity. The templates we use are like blank canvases with endless possibilities. And the efficiency of using WordPress as a starting point leaves time for us to create a website that’s modern and stunningly unique in design, as well as functional and responsive.

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