The (very) digital wrap-up of 2020

Brands across the globe are slowly but surely coming to terms with a world in the midst of COVID-19. Doing so has resulted in major campaigns being placed on ice or pivoted to a digital execution. The latter has significantly increased as brands used the opportunity to talk to their target audience online.

One key learning is that the Internet is the only place not locked down in a global lockdown. This has inspired communications agencies to create digital work which showed care, love and empathy. Research shows an increased reliance on digital mediums for many aspects of consumers lives.

In addition, consumers have also increased their usage of streaming platforms using mobile devices or smart TV’s.

To remain in touch with your core target audience, communication must take place where consumers spend their time. Here are some tips to meet your audience digitally.

Take learning online 
Online learning has seen a surge during the global pandemic as many people opted to use their time to achieve personal growth and learn new skills. Smart organisations have implemented e-learning programmes to initiate professional growth for their staff and to give their businesses a much-needed boost in performance.

Make use of live-streaming  
Brands are making use of platforms such as Instagram Live, Facebook Live or Twitch to livestream product launches and other important announcements. This is proving to be immensely successful as the conversion rate from viewer to customer surpassed the 12% mark, resulting in increased sales. In addition to converting viewers into customers, many brands find success in creating memorable experiences for their target audience, which goes a long way in retaining and attracting new customers.

Use webinars to educate and inform 
Webinars were once a frowned-upon digital strategy. This has changed as consumers are now connected by a minimum of three devices at any given time. Use webinars to create content that is easily digested, relevant, and available for future reference. Webinars are an effective tool for internal communications for B2B and B2C brands, as well as educational tools for external audiences.

To capitalise on digital strategies, brands should meet their audiences where it matters, online and in channels of their choice. This is an opportunity to not just grow the cultural relevance of your brand, but also convert traffic into customers and increase market share.

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