The power of content marketing

Content remains one of the most effective ways to generate organic sales. If you know how to do it right, it will have untold rewards. The key insight is to keep evolving your content with what users are engaging with.

Don’t be precious
Clients so often (understandably) sweat over each and every syllable of a piece of content. If your client is too precious, content marketing will be slow to show results. Headlines should be bold and unique to grab attention. Angles shouldn’t be overthought. Experiment, watch what works and be agile as you move forward. A client-agency relationship built on trust will ultimately be solid ground to encourage a less precious approach.

Interest first, angle second
To retrofit content marketing into specific brand messaging is not ideal. The most effective way of producing content that has legs is to first seek out what your audience is interested in. Then find ways to (appropriately) engage in the conversation. Ideate, experiment, observe and iterate.

Say something
Even in B2B marketing, no one wants to be bored. Every brand should have a personality evident in all content. Content must have a point of view – know this going in.

Use what you’ve got
If possible, internationalise and localise your content for different markets. It’s an easy way to scale, without using extensive resources. Translate (well) if you have to.

Don’t be ageist
Shift your view of content marketing from a ‘new form of marketing for people who hate ads and want to read about stuff’. This is no longer the case. Content marketing works well for all age groups and will engage with anyone who wants to learn, broaden their mind and expand their sensibility – from Millennials to Baby Boomers and everyone in between. What’s critical is to understand who the consumer is, and then use age-appropriate dissemination tools to reach the right person at the right time.

Build a team
A dynamic mix of skill sets is the most effective way to market branded content. Writers, producers and client liaison should feed off each other, and pass the baton at just the right moment. This means concept and creation handed over to channel and distribution, to testing and optimisation, then on to analysis and feedback. Everyone should know their roles and excel at them.

For both client and agency, a shrewd and enlightened approach to content marketing means you won’t just be educating the public, you’ll be gaining useful insights into your business and brands. Experiment, try new versions, let go of what you think you know and look forward to qualified leads as a result.

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