Marketing automation: The new age of marketing

Marketing automation is an essential channel for businesses focussed on growth. It can unlock significant new revenue with a high return on investment (ROI) for businesses of all sizes. Here’s how it can impact your bottom line.

Marketing automation is driven by value. It shows care for your customers, sending them information they’re interested in, when they’re interested. And it nurtures customers through the sales pipeline, thereby adding value to your bottom line.

Current state of play
Studies show that by 2020, 85% of people will manage their relationships with brands without talking to a human. Yet, consumers demand authentic relationships, personalised information and advice when and where they need it. What’s more, these critical touchpoints, or micro-moments, are multiplying at a dizzying rate across different channels and devices thanks to the rise in mobile penetration.

How do brands, specifically small brands with limited resources, keep up? The answer is automation.

The new age
Marketing automation is intelligent and dynamic software that connects multiple touchpoints and marketing channels including social media, email marketing and content marketing to nurture prospective customers for the short- and long-term.

Once set up strategically and correctly, marketing automation captures prospects’ interests sending relevant information when they set off a trigger or based on their individual history.

Crucial data captured
Marketing automation makes it possible to gain insights into your campaign effectiveness. It provides crucial analytics, campaign management tools and powerful reporting to ascertain overall success and take learnings for future campaigns.

The granular reporting means you can develop optimal marketing patterns, test different variables, measure campaign effectiveness, monitor your leads’ behaviours and prove ROI. This is crucial data empowers you to determine how each campaign impacts the bottom line, win more sales and grow revenue.

Automation and personalisation
Is there room for automation and creativity in the same space? Absolutely.

Marketing automation allows you to add dynamic and personalised content based on an individual’s specific user profile.

Case studies prove that personalisation improves user experience and ultimately increases customer retention, increasing profits between 25% and 95%.

Nurturing customers post-sale is another great way to maximise cross-sells and upsells. Marketing automation allows brands to continue sending personalised messages to customers and monitor their behaviour, cementing customer loyalty, increasing revenue opportunities and gaining referrals.

Giving SME’s the edge
SME’s often face industry giants with more resources and bigger budgets. Marketing automation empowers you to optimise resources by doing more with less to gain market share from competitors.

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