How content marketing creates advocacy

By Michael Gullan, Co-founder and Managing Director of G&G Digital

In a digital age, with fleeting customer loyalty, businesses and brands are finding new ways to engage with their customers, while keeping them loyal to their products and services.

Loyalty cards are no longer enough.

Customers want to engage in a multi-dimensional and interactive world aligned with their brands of choice. Brands should take this opportunity to replace their loyalty card with an advocacy marketing platform, which gives them the perfect platform to engage with their customers.

When offering customers valuable and quality content on these platforms, they’re more likely to share this with their colleagues, friends and family, which opens brands up to new customers.

It’s essential for businesses and brands to engage and listen to their customers throughout the brand customer relationship.

An effective way to achieve this is through quality content marketing that ignites loyalty and advocacy. With a good content marketing strategy on an integrated platform, businesses can engage with current and prospective customers. By creating quality content, there is also a great opportunity to increase the sales base.

Content marketing is helpful as it also provides businesses with an opportunity to gain valuable insights into their customers. These insights can help enterprises to create tailored content for their customers, making them feel valued and gaining their trust.

With a mix of visual and text content, quality content marketing can include any of the following:

  • Infographics
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Case studies

Here are 7 ways in which content marketing can help you build brand loyalty with your customers:

  1. Create content that entertains and informs customers, build trust and an emotional connection with customers.
  2. With the right advocacy platform, and supporting channels, build a community where customers can engage with each other. They can share their successes, thoughts and experience with the business and its products and services.
  3. Reward customers for engaging with your brand, through giveaways, special promotions and invitations to events. Tailor these rewards to what your customers enjoy, based on the insights gathered through content marketing.
  4. Content marketing is a valuable way to position the business as an expert in the field.
  5. Brand advocacy offers a strong return on investment and increases brand value.
  6. It also gives a business a voice and personality.
  7. Word of mouth. Customers will share with friends, family and their social following when they come across great content marketing. This endorsement adds to a business’s brand integrity.

When it comes to advocacy, it’s not one size fits all. Not all content marketing types will work for your business. You’ll need to define what will work for your business and implement a cost and time effective strategy.

This strategy must suit your business needs and help meet the business objectives.

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