G&G Digital launches breakthrough photography and videography services

G&G Digital has officially launched photography and videographic services that break through the noise and hit the creative and strategic mark for clients. The dedicated content team aims to create images and video that drives action with engaging rich media for use across all digital channels.

Consumer attention is scarce and a first impression can be the difference between being engaged with or ignored. In an ocean of online videos and photos, there simply isn’t room for mediocrity. Brands must use every media form to break through the ordinary and expected.

Consumers buy with their eyes and are lead by how brands make them feel. Captivating videos and professional photos cue quality and credibility. Research shows consumers are 64% more likely to purchase if they’ve seen a product video.

Videos are pure engagement power
Video is the most powerful engager in a brand’s arsenal. It ignites emotions, builds trust and doubles exposure time. Videos can easily explain complex concepts and is increasingly preferred over reading. Sharing product videos and how-to tutorials on social media will increase reach and support the sales process.

The G&G studio consists of first-rate camera and lighting equipment and post-production facilities. G&G offers everything from brand narratives and animations to corporate videos. The team manages the full production spectrum from concept and scripting, to directing, cinematography and post-production.

Images should demand a double-take
Photography is a strong sales driver and there is research to prove it. Sites with striking imagery receive 94% more views than those without. High quality photography not only stops consumers in their tracks, it portrays a brand’s image, professionalism, credibility and individuality.

G&G are passionate about creating images that not only meet, but surpass its client’s brief. With state-of-the-art photographic equipment, experienced in-house photographers offer high quality lifestyle, product, portrait and social photography that best represents the brand. The team is also proficient in post-production editing and re-touching.

Get your brand in front of G&G’s lens and start telling brand stories that get a return on investment.

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