Digital Account Director


Individual needs to identify client’s needs whilst working strategically, providing thought solutions and results driven work. Don’t just endeavor to solve client’s problems but has the ability to see further into the looking glass. Able to create SOW’s and retainers and is a “natural” leader. Demonstrates micro and macro knowledge of the industry and clients business. The individual is expected to run their brands with limited assistance from the BD/GAD. Should be able to run meetings, seek and see business opportunities as well as potential threats.


  • To manage and administer the client’s account to the benefit of both client and agency with the purpose of creating the best possible communication
  • Working closely and mentor the client services team to ensure and support effective delivery of all projects
  • Responsible for the smooth running of all/multiple accounts, production and campaign delivery
  • Ensure that work is produced on time and within the necessary allocated budget
  • Foster strong relationships with team and all client contacts
  • Helps to create the best possible work environment in which to produce the best possible work


  • The position involves consistent liaison with key clients and interaction with production regarding the projects in the system.
  • Responsible for client communications, conflict resolution and compliance on client deliverables and revenue
  • Build and maintain strong client relationships through regular contact (meetings, email and phone)
  • Work with operational team to ensure campaigns are implemented and up and running in a timely manner
  • Ensuring that client needs and requirements are understood, interpreted and communicated accurately and that their expectations are managed at all times
  • Identify opportunities for up-selling, proactive opportunities and cross-selling existing offerings to clients
  • Establish reputation as industry expect within existing client base
  • Always ensure client accounts are up to date ensuring monthly recons are done, reports are sent out and accounts are paid up (KPI?)
  • Ensure quality control measures, quality of work and any set timelines or KPIs are maintained
  • Must be capable of compiling contract, status reports and writing up briefs
  • Demonstrates strategic competence and ability to deliver new growth based on clients portfolio understanding


  • Ability to work with and within the agency systems and procedures
  • Manages the CS team in a way that creates a healthy environment where work is completed timeously, efficiently and within the necessary client requirements
  • Proactive developing creative communication solutions for their brands and product offering
  • Ability to operate at a senior management level, interact, communicate to executive management level
  • Ability to understand all advertising, communication and business matters
  • Provide strategic, creative and analytical thinking and analysis
  • Build strong and sustainable business relationship
  • Service delivery planning, implementation and quality assurance
  • System and procedure understanding, development and implementation
  • Contract management skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Problem solving skills


  • Has a strong understanding of all clients business factors, trends and strategic understand
  • Builds client relationships on trust and mutual understanding but has the ability negotiate with client on contact, budgets and project plans
  • Good communicator and informs client on all aspects of their projects and necessary team commitments
  • Protects the client and necessary agency team where applicable – necessary “mediator”
  • Answers all clients queries promptly and anticipates any issues or questions client may raise whilst supporting the agency team


  • Has the ability to develop, manage and empower individuals within their team
  • Individual has the vision development and leadership
  • Has managerial skills and experience to project manage client deliverables
  • Ability to evaluate team performance and capabilities
  • Service delivery, planning, implementation and quality assurance
  • Has general managerial and administrative skills with the ability to counsel, mentor and coach team
  • Ensure team practices are managed and team growth occurs to ensure staff and team retention (attraction, onboarding, development and performance management)
  • Identify individuals for skills development programs – ensure individuals is receiving the right training, exposure, mentorship and coaching


  • Contributes to good financial management of the business by ensuring that cost estimates are prepared in
  • relation to the project offerings
  • Budget responsibility – achievement of revenue and expected budgets
  • Ensuring timeously billings are adhered to and covered
  • Tracking and developing of all finance fitness
  • Ensures that all CE’s have PO’s
  • Reconn’s all the necessary jobs to ensure that all time spent was covered correctly and within the agreed period of allocated time (KPI?)
  • Assist in chasing client for invoice payments once communicated by finance
  • Financially health and fit

Department Management

  • Management of the department and teams in a way that consistently achieves all the requirements based on the individuals position
  • Management of project deadlines
  • Ensuring that the best creative is developed, presented and executed according to client brief and necessary requirements/client needs
  • Occasionally preparation of concise, accurate and motivating creative briefs
  • Ensuring that all systems, rules and regulations are adhered to
  • Approval of conceptual briefs
  • Coordination and delivery of manage client briefs, presentations and project requirements
  • Chairing client meetings
  • Rendering strategic planning
  • Occasional attendance of brand audits


  • Contributes to writing insightful and single minded briefs
  • Ability to develop and create scope of work management – ensure projects are meet with the upmost quality and delivered within the necessary time
  • Ensure that all “out of scope/scope creep” is charged for and communicated to client accordingly
  • Can read and interpret quantitative sales/distributed information
  • Has the ability to liaise with media department in preparing media plans for the client
  • Understands basic media terminology
  • Keeps media informed wrt development of creative work and clients budget
  • Responsible for executing and implementing of approved campaigns
  • Delegates effectively to members of the team/department
  • Has a good understanding of the clients motivation and behavior patterns
  • Demonstrate an ongoing ability to work collaboratively with our company’s management and other agency teams on RFPs, tenders, meetings, presentations, etc.
  • Ensure that there is a succession plan


  • South African citizen
  • Own reliable transport
  • Tertiary Qualification or equivalent industry experience
  • Minimum of five (5) – ten (10) years’ experience in account management in an agency
  • Superior communication skills, both internal and client-facing
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of all digital work types as well as all advertising developments
  • Encompasses leadership qualities
  • Good interpersonal skills and solutions driven skills
  • Strong service orientation


  • A hands-on and professional approach with both clients and team members
  • Highly attentive to detail – you are a “well-organised” individual
  • Must be able to perform under pressure and deliver on fixed timelines
  • Must have excellent ability to work with people within cross functional teams
  • Must have strong networking, facilitation and negotiation skills
  • A strategic and creative thinker who is confident, self-motivated, articulate and practical.
  • Needs to be sensitive, positive and proactive
  • Demonstrate an ongoing ability to work collaboratively with our company’s management and other agency teams on RFPs, tenders, meetings, presentations, etc.


  • Managing of the CS team creating a healthy and productive workspace, this will be managed via reviews and temperature checking the department. Empowering and developing our team members is vital.
  • Provide strategic, creative and analytical thinking to assisting clients market needs and business objective. This will be showcased in the value provided and the necessary briefs developed
  • Constant, timeously and efficient communication with client on all aspects of their projects, providing them updates and any necessary changes in writing
  • Recon of the necessary jobs to ensure that all time spent was covered correctly and within the agreed period of time – this to occur at 50% of the project and then again at 100%
  • Ensure all out of scope work is charged for and client is advised accordingly.
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