It’s 2019, is your website keeping up?

The internet is evolving at breakneck speed and your brand’s digital assets – your website, emails and digital marketing has to keep up in order to survive, let along thrive.

Here are a few handy insights to assist you in making sure you are not being left behind.

Ensure your website does what it is supposed to

What is your website’s purpose? Is it to create awareness, to share information, to educate or to get inbound enquiries? Whatever its purpose, make sure it’s designed and optimised to achieve your objectives.

Most websites, whether business-to-business or -to-consumer are there to generate sales, increase market share and make your brand available on the most important consumer touchpoint. In today’s competitive internet it requires a lot more than including “click here” buttons on your home page and watching the leads pour in. Last year there were 1,8 billion active websites on the Internet, so you’ll have to be much smarter than that.

G&G recommends marketers take a strategic approach to ensuring your website investment gets the return you want.

Convert visitors into leads or enquiries

A visitor becomes a lead when they click on a call-to-action (CTA) on your website or blog. That CTA takes them to a landing page, which includes a form used to collect the visitor’s contact information. This information then triggers a process in your business to close and convert that lead into a customer.

Remember to benchmark your current lead generation so you can track your success and determine where you most need improvement. Some of your pages might make excellent lead generators and you don’t even realize it.

Website audit

G&G will start with an audit of where most of your online traffic comes from, such as,

  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Inbound links
  • Google search
  • Banners

Once we identify where your leads are coming from, will optimise these pages in order to be relevant to their interests. We’ll update pages with content that keeps them engaged. We will also ensure all information is up-to-date and provides all the correct supporting facts to ensure trust is nurtured.

Optimize each step of the lead generation process

G&G recommends A/B testing two versions of a landing page to find out which one performs better and to see which CTA tactics perform better. We will identify various elements and split test them one element at a time, such as

  • Buttons
  • CTAs
  • Slide-out CTAs
  • Thank you pages
  • Colours
  • Information
  • Subscribe to
  • Downloads
  • Special offers

G&G has seen up to 30% increase in lead generation for a B2B client by simply A/B testing their landing page using the above strategy.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Blog content is another way G&G recommends you enhance your website’s performance and increase its ranking on Google. Organic visitors who come from Google are looking for solutions to a problem you can solve. Make sure your website helps.

G&G recommends keyword research on a topic relevant to your industry, and then create quality content in the form of articles, white papers and videos. You can make this content, or part of it, readily available or as a download, which will then become another way to convert leads.

Live chats offer excellent customer service and lead generation

Live chat services are increasing not just in their sophistication, but in how many people expect them. G&G recommends an audit of your website to see which pages your visitors spend the most of their time on. Should live chat be a good strategy for your brand, G&G will install a live chat tool on the pages where customers need the most assistance or information. This allows you to casually collect and log insights on their product needs while answering their questions.

G&G recommends you integrate your customer service team with your live chat feature. This ensures every website visitor has their needs addressed no matter where the conversation goes.

Personalize content the ultimate goal

Once you’ve ticked all the boxes above, you could consider serving dynamic content that caters to the experience of each, unique web visitor. People who land on your site and see images, buttons, and product options tailored to their interests are easier to convert into a customer. This can include,

  • Personalized CTAs
  • Welcome back headers
  • Products of interest.

Email marketing

Once a lead leaves your website you want to stay in touch and continue to nurture that lead throughout their relationship with your brand.

G&G recommends a strategic email marketing strategy based on your business needs and budget. It can be automated based on the lead’s actions or can be a scheduled email according to your communication needs. According to Forrester Research, companies that stay in touch with their leads –– and their existing customers ­­­­–– see 50% more sales than their non-nurturing counterparts at a 33% lower cost.

Don’t let your website and digital properties hold you back this year, or ever. Audit, optimise and test regularly and transform them into hard working assets that will increase your brand’s visibility, convert traffic into leads and assist with meeting your objectives.


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