It’s business ‘un’usual at G&G Digital

During the lockdown, our office doors may be closed, but we’re still open for business.

We’re working remotely to ensure our clients’ digital marketing communications remain our top priority, and with state-of-the-art technology, our team is available to strategise and collaborate as usual.

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G&G Digital creates breakthrough solutions to ensure your brand dominates the online, offline and social space. We live and breathe all things digital.



G&G has developed a bespoke advocacy (ADVC) platform that we customise to our clients’ needs and objectives. G&G ADVC is being used by leading local and global brands to increase brand advocates, ignite learning and increase brand loyalty – all while integrating seamlessly with their CRM.

Email marketing

G&G understands that every aspect of an email must be optimised for optimal performance. Through the formulation of a clear email marketing strategy, G&G email campaigns are always relevant, interesting and engaging for users. We also ensure email campaigns function as targeted sales tools – encouraging real action. From conceptualisation and data procurement management, to broadcasting, audience segmentation and detailed reporting – G&G’s email marketing services have it covered.

Public Relations

New public relations is a powerful combination of traditional and digital PR. In today’s media landscape, your brand needs smart digital communications to complement offline outputs. At G&G, we have an intelligently disruptive approach – not only to get people talking about your brand online and offline, but boosting discoverability across channels to meet and convert your target market.

Campaign management

Our team thrives on conceptualising, executing and measuring breakthrough campaigns. From single platform to fully integrated digital campaigns, G&G’s digital campaign managers will deeply understand your objectives, set KPIs, plan and execute across the most effective channels and media.

Website development

Your website is a marketing tool. It’s a crucial online channel and its development must begin with clear goals, objectives and a detailed scope of work. Choosing the right web development platform to meet your objectives is vital – then the process of front-end design and back-end development can proceed. With expertise in a wide range of scripting languages and web technologies, G&G will ensure your website is a hard working business tool from day one.

Corporate and product photography

The digital native is discerning about what they buy based on how it looks. Show potential customers your best angle. Experienced in-house photographers at G&G will shoot product shots and corporate headshots to ensure your brand and business is well represented – and breaks through – in the digital space.


The user is at the centre of everything we do at G&G. Successful brands of tomorrow navigate their customer’s potential journey and online behaviour and market for moments in that journey. Our strategists do just that, we understand the critical touch points your brand should be using to interact with the user. We map out their journey from the initial contact and engagement to sales and a long-term relationship. Geared with this knowledge, our clients can capitalise on opportunities to boost the overall user experience at every touch point.

User journey and user experience analysis

The user is at the centre of everything we do at G&G. As we map out a user experience design, we get inside the user’s head to understand how they use certain platforms, engage with the content and have the best possible experience of your brand in the digital space. Through heat maps, analytics and in-depth persona profiling, G&G’s UX design will transform user insights into results.

Online advertising

G&G will identify the best platforms and mediums for your online advertising campaign. Our skilled media partners manage and negotiate ad placements – ensuring your campaign reaches the right people and drives quality traffic to your digital properties. Whether you need a hard working mailer, an interactive banner, or a slick contextual advert for your social media or PPC advertising, G&G will conceptualise, design, plan, place, buy, monitor, optimise and report to ensure maximum return on investment.

Social media

Consumers are already talking about your brand in the social space. Be sure you’re participating and guiding the conversation. G&G understands the importance of social platforms in the broader communications mix and its role in building meaningful customer relationships and brand loyalty.

Search Engine Optimisation

G&G’s SEO services ensure your website achieves maximum potential by ensuring it complies with search guidelines and ranks highly in relevant organic search results. We know it’s not all about search engines though – the focus should always remain squarely on your audience. By keeping your content relevant, up to date and by taking advantage of functional, useable design, our SEO services make your site a hit with users and search engines alike.

Pay Per Click advertising

G&G manages highly strategic Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to bid for visibility in paid search results. PPC is an effective way to drive qualified traffic to your website. G&G manages all aspects of your PPC campaign, from choosing the right environment (from search engines or sponsored listings to YouTube or Facebook), creating breakthrough ads and conversion-driven landing pages, to bidding on keywords and managing budgets.

Video content

Rich media content is no longer king – it’s emperor. Telling brand stories that sell is critical to success. G&G’s dedicated content team creates engaging rich media, from corporate videos, to product how to’s, to brand narratives, for use across all digital channels. The team at G&G will ensure your brand’s original content connects with a vast network of users to make them feel, think and act.


G&G understands that one size does not fit all. Our clients sell to customers from every sector of society with different digital user journeys. They have their own personalities and consume information in different ways, on different platforms. We are experts in profiling customers and developing personas for our clients’ brands. G&G’s detailed customer profiling enables our clients to make customer-centric decisions that meet their customer needs in a language and platform that resonates.


G&G is ahead of the curve in understanding online purchasing behaviour and how to craft apps and content that gets qualified traffic to your e-commerce site and converts into real sales. With a thorough understanding of the digital path to purchase and e-commerce solutions, G&G will not just design and develop your e-commerce website, but also ensure the right people know about your products through sophisticated, targeting and remarketing tools.

Online influencer outreach

G&G understands the difference between reach and influence. Bloggers and influencers on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are increasingly important role-players in breaking news and shaping brand reputation. G&G has a comprehensive database of influencers categorised by sector and level of influence. After identifying the right influencers, we build and nurture their relationship with your brand – syndicating personalised brand content and facilitating brand experiences to create authentic conversation.

Game development

Everyone loves a good game, and if you’re building one for your brand, you want it to be strategic, engaging and entertaining. G&G’s game developers are passionate about creating engaging online and mobile games that build customer loyalty and add value while keeping users coming back for more.


One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is measurability. The ability to track your success using online data analytics means your campaign can be highly targeted and responsive to the way your target audience reacts. You’ll gain better understanding of who your customers are and what they want from your business. Whether your online campaign makes use of multiple, integrated channels or just one targeted media, G&G’s analysts use advanced tools to track and optimise content, and ensure ROI.

App development

G&G are experts in bespoke web and mobile app development across platforms including iOS and Android. Our integrated approach involves content specialists working closely with user-experience designers, and developers to create unique and engaging applications. We conduct comprehensive research into your target market to ensure your brand apps are useful, engaging and have longevity.


G&G understands that eyes on your brand is currency. Every customer interaction is a valuable opportunity that, can yield repeat purchases and loyal brand advocates. Our strategists delve into the mind of the consumer to fully understand their experience at each critical touch point in the purchasing journey. We develop insights into the way users interact with certain platforms and content. Customers always remember their experience. With a smart customer experience strategy, our clients will ensure valuable interaction and positive brand sentiment at every possible point.

Marketing Automation

G&G understands our clients’ need for digital marketing to boost their bottom line. By using intelligent marketing automation software, G&G can analyse behavioural data to deliver personalised content to engage users along their journey and nurture leads along into the sales funnel. It means better insights into potential customers and empowering your sales team with viable leads that actually turn into sales.

G&G Values

  • We value courage, creativity and innovation.
  • We value intelligent challengers.
  • We value fun and laughter and delight in every task no matter how great or small
  • We value tolerance, kindness and respect.
  • We value commitment, passion and a can-do attitude.
  • We value energetic passion.
  • We value honesty, integrity and relationships based on trust.
  • We value the willingness to learn and grow and get out of our comfort zones.
  • We value a team that is accountable.
  • We value this in our people and our clients.

Our Team

Desiree Gullan

Executive Creative Director

Intrepid creative solution seeker who loves Grande cappuccinos and sunrise walks with her Great Dane.

Michael Gullan

Managing Director

Loves business, all things tech and mashing himself up in his crossfit box.

Michelle Scurr

Client Service Director

Enjoys good food, strong coffee and expressing her creativity.

Nicole Ferger

Head of Public Relations

Loves indoor beach volleyball and her rambunctious rescue pup. Dreams of travelling the world.

Emmanuel Quartier

Head of Social Media

Determined dreamer with an ear for music, eye for design and devotion to South African rugby.

Kim McClure

Head of Copy and Content

Earl Grey-obsessed word worshipper and master of monochrome. Energised by an ungovernable curiosity.

Our reason for getting up in the morning (and sometimes
staying up very late at night) is to nurture long-term
relationships between people and our clients’ brands

At G&G we believe in perfect skills. Our team consists of experts in their field and we keep all our resources in house.

G&G is made up of the following teams of over-achievers who collaborate to ensure our clients benefit from integrated communications and get an ROI on their investment:

– Strategists
– Copy, content and article writers
– Designers and UX designers
– Photographers and videographers
– PR professionals
– Community managers
– Development team
– SEO and PPC specialists
– Client service
– Administration and finance
– Advocacy specialist
– Online learning specialist

We respect our clients and never forget
they come to us by choice.


We’ve worked with some of the world’s best brands to develop digital strategies and design digital products including websites, social media, online campaigns, games, apps and breakthrough content.


We’re a team.
We thrive on creativity and innovation.
We’re insight driven.
We’re aware and nimble.
We’re not afraid to take calculated risks.
We’re accountable.
We’re forever learning.


Digital isn’t just a platform or technology, it’s an integral part of life. G&G Digital creates work that is human. That talks to people, listens, understands, adds value, entertains, motivates, surprises and delights. And most importantly, we do this to add value to our clients’ brands and assist them in meeting their business and brand objectives. Here’s a snapshot of the G&G Digital portfolio of work.

G&G Digital went above and beyond working on the Listerine® Dental Academy, and they continue to offer us invaluable support as we take this online learning platform to new heights and meet our business objectives.

Barbara van WykMarketing Professional Brands at Listerine®

G&G Digital immersed themselves in this project. They were committed and dedicated exceeding our deliverables.

Esnath MuzendaCommunications Specialist at Roche

G&G Digital pulled out all the stops for this campaign and went beyond the scope of the project to get traction and make the campaign a success. I am very satisfied with the results and hope that we made a difference to the 200 victims whose stories were heard and that there is a little more awareness of people’s rights in the workspace.

Itai LiptzCEO at Mexem

“Few agencies are willing to immerse themselves in their clients’ brands the way G&G Digital does. They’re not afraid of the big ideas and bring a refreshing perspective to everything they do.”

Rohini SawuBrand Manager, Snowflake

“First National Battery has been very satisfied with the level of service received from G&G. They operate with a high level of integrity and are dedicated to our needs, no matter how demanding. They make every effort to understand our business and always strive to add value to our organisation“

Andrew WebbDirector, First National Battery

“G&G has successfully created a strong digital and brand presence for Nashua in South Africa, and has shaped the brand into the content-rich thought leader it is today.”

Jessica MidlaneBrand Manager, Nashua

“MyADHD has been a dream of ours for a long time and G&G Digital brought it to fruition beyond anything we ever thought possible. The response has been phenomenal and it’s incredibly heartening see the impact it’s having on people’s lives. The rest of the industry is taking note. G&G has fundamentally shifted the way we approach marketing strategy and consumer relations.”

Melissa du ToitBrand Manager, Janssen

“The WIZZIT business is complex, providing state of the art innovative mobile payment software to major global banks in emerging markets. Not only has the G&G team provided innovative, strategic PR, but has achieved remarkable results.”

Brian RichardsonCEO and Co-Founder, WIZZIT International

“The extent of exposure, R1.4m worth in 2016, has elevated the profile of the work we do in providing access to top-class education for disadvantaged girls.”

Gillian O’ShaughnessyFoundation Manager, St Mary’s Foundation

“G&G was tasked with launching the mygeneRx test to the public, in a smart and exciting way. The campaign has so far gained massive coverage.”

Danny MeyersfeldFounder, DNAlysis


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